Gay Massage in Dublin

Gay Massage in Dublin

Full Body Experience Introduction Session

This kind of Therapy will give you a wonderfull experience since we will go deeply in what Tantra can do to your body, sexual and inner energy.
-I will teach you the Tantric breathing, and then I will perform a Tantric Ritual that will sincronize our sexual energy. I will honor your inner being and activate your energy centers (chakras).
- Then you will receive an erotical-sensual and tantric massage strokes that will persue to relax you and un-block all your sexual and sensorial energy, and it is done face up and face down from head to toe.

-Afterwards, I will activate your sexual meridians and sensual spots, in order to erotisize all your being.
- The Kundalini -lingam. Its focus on all sexual points located in your first two chakras. It will activate all your energy sublimizing you just to the point of Non Return just before the orgasm. This massages is done on your perineum; testicles; base of your penis; seminal conduct and glance. We apply different kind of techniques in order to control your sexual energy, taking you more than 5 times to the PLateau Stage (just before orgasm). With the objective that you can experience a corporal orgasm and the exquisite pleasure.

Also see about our 2 day workshop in Dublin the 2nd of May:

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